Grout Sealers: Invisible or AWOL?

Is the grout in your kitchen and bathroom sealed?

OMG !!!

What if it’s not? Google the topic and you’ll soon discover that you might as well call in the bulldozers. Your grout could be poisoning you, your neighbours and half of the most endangered species on earth!!

This might be a small exaggeration but the gist is that without sealed grout you are simply not worthy of owning a home.

If your’e lucky enough to know someone really, really smart who’s had their grout cleaned and sealed, ask them to show you the sealer on their grout. ” It’s invisible, dont you know anything?” will surely be the reply.

As you slink off into the shadows, filled with shame, imagine the ads on TV selling bathroom cleaning products. This stuff will remove anything! If you scrub hard enough it will even strip layers off the grout itself! But grout sealers will last for years. Just ask the guy who sells them. If you think they wear out, just remember the words of your grout guru friend, “Its invisible” !!!

I have an invisible friend. He protects me from all kinds of horrific bacteria, aliens, ghosts and stains. If you don’t believe me I’ll remind you by telling you slowly and loudly that         ” HE   IS   IN-VIS-I-BLE “.

So what to do?

1. If you are very skilled, replace the old grout with a HIGH QUALITY product, leaving a neat and uniform surface. If not, put your feet up while a professional does it for you.

2. Ignore the bull dust, avoid hazardous sealers, they are temporary. Good quality grout can be mixed with a polymer based additive when mixing. This improves the grout’s resistance to porosity, staining and mould build up. The very best italian made grout DOES NOT NEED SEALERS OR ADDITIVES, and repels water and mould.

3. The very best way to care for your new grout is to:

-Try and keep the shower dry between uses (squeegee or wipe it down)

-Clean gently and regularly using sensible techniques and products.

-Order your invisible friend to pop over to your houseproud guru friend’s place and test their sealer by pouring a bottle of cheap Shiraz on their grout. That should be fun..







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