Non-toxic natural cleaners

In previous blogs we’ve talked about removing soap build up and mould using common household cleaners. These include cream cleansers, abrasive chemical mixes and bleach or chlorine based products. These days many of us are searching for alternatives to the cleaning products usually found on the supermarket shelf. This might sound cynical but if we think about the companies producing these products, there is one overpowering motivation for what they produce and how they market their products to us; profits. They want us to choose their product from the shelf, then use it at home and come back to buy it again and again, so not only does it need to attract our eye on the shelf, it needs to work and work well! Some of the most successful brands sell us the idea of spraying their product on a shower wall or floor, leaving it to work its magic while we sit by the pool reading a magazine. Who wouldn’t find that an attractive proposition?

Considering the effects  of using such chemicals in our homes, many people are questioning the real cost of these no-scrub cleaners. A quick search will give you hours of reading about environmental damage and health impacts associated with chemical cleaners. As with organic foods, climate change, fluoride in drinking water etc etc, you’ll also find well founded science disputing any claims against chemical based cleaning products. So thanks to the information superhighway we’re left with a truckload of contradictory information and we pick whichever argument fits best with what we thought in the first place!

Heres one thing to think about.

If the no-scrub cleaner really does work (buy one and try for yourself), would I rather sit by the pool for 10 minutes while I fill my home with unknown fumes and coat the surfaces my family touches every day with chemicals, or would I be better off using a natural product and some elbow grease?

Heres another one.

I recently added 1 tablespoon of Tea tree oil ( 20% solution)to 500ml of tap water in a spray bottle.

With a non scratch scourer I cleaned my shower tiles, vanity basin and taps. (15min).

I then used the spray on the toilet. Amazed by the results I left the bottle on the shelf and my kids started to spray it around the toilet rim every now and then. I have three boys under 10 ( yeah i know) and my toilet doesn’t smell!

Excited by this life changing discovery I am now trying out white vinegar and baking soda to see what else I can clean! Maybe the tree hugging hipster hippies are onto something!



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