Shower Repairs


Leaking showers fixed without removing tiles! Saves time and money!

Do you have brown stains outside the bottom corners of your shower screen, blistered plaster on the walls near the base of your shower or water showing up where it shouldn’t?

This is caused by water seeping through the waterproofing on your shower and is usually a sign that further damage is being done inside your walls or floor.

Dreamtime Bathrooms will completely overhaul your shower, replacing old cracked and pitted grout and silicone seals. This usually takes less than a day and stops all leaks straight away. The unique process involves inspecting the shower for leaks, then refurbishing the entire shower recess to repair and seal the leaks and prevent new ones forming.

Dull, mouldy unhygienic showers transformed and ready to use in 24hrs.

Mould grows in old grout and silicone starting at the surface and multiplying as it moves deeper. Once the mould has penetrated no amount of cleaning or use of toxic chemicals will completely remove the mould. Our technique makes use of carbide tipped blades that abrade away the grout between the tiles, completely removing mould and stained grout.

The new grout we apply can also be in a new colour, greatly enhancing and modernising the look of your tiles. In addition we add a special polymer additive to your new grout which even further improves its long term adhesion and ease of cleaning.

In less than a day your shower can look like new. We remove old , stained or mouldy grout and replace it with fresh sanitised and mould resistant grout, made from the latest blend of polymers and pigments. Our process also includes removal of soap build up and surface level stains from your tiles with hand polishing. This leaves your shower sparkling and bright, ready to use the next day.

Shower screen to tile seals can also be replaced, leaving corners clean, mould free and easy to keep clean. We can then give you some free advice about how to maintain and care for your newly refurbished shower.

We can also use the same process on bathroom walls and floors, laundries, kitchen floors and splashbacks and even outdoor balconies.

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