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How to clean your shower screen.

Here’s a great product to make your shower screen shine like new! Watch the video, no chemicals. The only trouble is that it wont get into the difficult corners of the aluminium frame. Try some creme cleanser and an old (or someone else’s ) toothbrush for those areas. If you find black or brown marks […]

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Grout Sealers: Invisible or AWOL?

Is the grout in your kitchen and bathroom sealed? OMG !!! What if it’s not? Google the topic and you’ll soon discover that you might as well call in the bulldozers. Your grout could be poisoning you, your neighbours and half of the most endangered species on earth!! This might be a small exaggeration but […]

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How to clean your shower recess

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One of the hardest cleaning jobs in most homes is the shower recess. This is because a shower is used several times a day and let’s face it, we’re in there to clean ourselves, not our shower. Think about your kitchen sink, you use it mainly for cleaning dishes etc so you have sponges and […]

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